Congress MP seeks revival of MPLADS

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  • Congress leader within the Lok Sabha wrote to Speaker Om Birla to restart the Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS).
  •  it's critical to possess access to the fund due to the second COVID-19 wave and therefore the devastation caused by cyclone Yaas.

MPLAD Scheme

  •  Due to Covid-19 pandemic MPLAD Funds Scheme is currently suspended and therefore the disbursed funds were allocated earlier.
  •  MPLAD may be a Central Sector Scheme which was announced in December 1993.
  • Initially, it came under the control of the Ministry of Rural Development. Later, in October 1994, it was transferred to the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation.

Functioning of MPLADS

  •  Every year, MPs receive Rs. 5 crore in two instalments of Rs. 2.5 crore each.  
  • Funds under MPLADS are non-lapsable.
  • Lok Sabha MPs need to recommend the district authorities projects in their Lok Sabha constituencies, while Rajya Sabha MPs need to spend it within the state that has elected them to the House.
  •  Nominated Members of both the Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha can recommend works anywhere within the country.
MPLAD Scheme

Recommendation of works

  •  The Lok Sabha Members can recommend works in their respective constituencies.
  • The elected members of the Rajya Sabha can recommend works anywhere within the state from which they're elected.
  •  Nominated members of the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha may select works for implementation anywhere in the country.

Special focus

  • MPs are to recommend per annum , works costing a minimum of 15 percent of the MPLADS entitlement for the year for areas inhabited by Scheduled Caste population and seven .5 per cent for areas inhabited by S.T. population.
  • So as to encourage trusts and societies for the betterment of tribal people, a ceiling of Rs. 75 lakh is stipulated for building assets by trusts and societies subject to conditions prescribed within the scheme guidelines.
  • A minimum of 10% of the projects under implementation within the district are to be inspected per annum by the district authority.

Constitutionality of MPLADS

  •  National Commission to Review the Working of the Constitution, 2002: Recommended immediate discontinuation of the MPLAD scheme on the ground that it had been inconsistent with the spirit of federalism and distribution of powers between the centre and therefore the state.
  •  2nd Administrative Reforms Commission’s report on “Ethics in Governance”, 2005: Opined that it seriously erodes the notion of separation of powers, because the legislator directly becomes the chief .
  • Supreme Court Judgement, 2010: A five-judge bench of the Supreme Court ruled that there was no violation of the concept of separation of powers because the role of an MP during this case is recommendatory and the actual work is administered by the Panchayats and Municipalities which belong to the chief organ.



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