Mesospheric Gravity Waves 

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News : Mesospheric gravity waves observed over Bay of Bengal during movement ofCyclone Ampan. Mesospheric gravity waves are part of Atmospheric gravity waves. 


About Atmospheric waves : 

  • Atmospheric gravity waves are a type of buoyancy wave that, on breaking or becoming unsteady, deposit their energy and momentum into the mean atmospheric flow driving atmospheric circulation. 
  • These waves are ubiquitous in the atmosphere. They are caused by sources mainly in the lower atmosphere; for example, storms, wind flow over mountains, and perturbations in the Polar Vortex. 
  • They are an important dynamical means of coupling throughout the atmosphere.
  • Global climate models do not accurately capture these waves. 
  • This can result in modelled temperatures being too cold, and wind speeds too fast in the Polar Regions. 
  • Although observations of these waves are needed to constrain their modelled representation, in the Polar Regions there is a paucity of observations, especially of the short-horizontal wavelength waves that have been shown to carry the most momentum.
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