Mauritius declares environmental emergency 

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The island country of Mauritius has declared an environmental emergency after a ship that ran aground on a reef in the Indian Ocean started leaking fuel. 

  • The ship, the MK Wakashio, is Japanese-owned but registered in Panama. It was travelling from China to Brazil when it struck the reef on July 25 and its crew was evacuated. 
  • However, subsequently due to bad weather and constant pounding by the ocean, the ship began to leak fuel, of which, there was 4,000 tonnes on board. 
  • Mauritius’ Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth has appealed to France for help. The French island of Reunion is situated near Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. 
  • The Japanese company that owns the ship has also promised to do all it can to stop the leak. Mauritius is world-renowned for its coral reefs and international organisation Greenpeace has warned that the country, which depends on ecotourism, could be devastated by the disaster. 
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