Longest river ropeway of India 

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India’s longest passenger ropeway across a river was unveiled in Guwahati almost a year after it was completed. The Assam government has inaugurated the 1.8-km ropeway across the Brahmaputra river, and described it as India’s longest river ropeway. 

  • The 1.82-km bi-cable jigback ropeway connects a forest campus near the Kamrup (Metro) Deputy Commissioner’s office in the city on the southern bank of the Brahmaputra and a hillock behind the Doul Govinda temple in north Guwahati on the other. 
  • The ropeway passes over the mid-river Peacock Island that houses Umananda, a medieval Shiva temple.


  • Thousands of people commute every day between the capital city of Guwahati and the town of North Guwahati, where IIT Guwahati is located. 
  • The ropeway cuts travel time between the two banks to 8 minutes. The current travel options between the two banks are by ferry (30 minutes or more, depending on current and season) or by road through a bridge that usually takes over an hour in the traffic. 
  • Apart from substantially reducing travel time, the ropeway will provide a breathtaking view of the mighty Brahmaputra and promote tourism in the State. 
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