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After concluding a logistics support agreement with Japan recently, India is now working on three such agreements with Russia, the U.K. and Vietnam. 

Following the agreement with Japan, India now has military logistics agreements with all Quad countries, Australia, Japan and the U.S., significantly improving interoperability as they also operate several common military platforms. 

More agreements on the card  

  • The agreements with the U.K. and Vietnam are under discussion. 
  • The agreement with Russia, the Reciprocal Logistics Support (ARLS) (to be signed soon) is expected to give India access to Russian facilities in the Arctic region which is seeing increased global activity as new shipping routes open up and resources become available. India had recently announced investments in the Russian Far East. 
  • In June 2020, India and Australia signed the long pending Mutual Logistics Support (MLSA), elevated their partnership to Comprehensive Strategic partnership, and also announced a joint declaration on a shared vision for maritime cooperation in the Indo-Pacific. 
  • The logistics pact with Japan, Reciprocal Provision of Supplies and Services between armed forces, was signed recently. India and Japan have already signed an implementing arrangement for deeper cooperation between the Navy and the Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF). 
  • India has signed several logistics agreements in recent years, beginning with the Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Understanding (LEMOA) with the U.S. in 2016, and the Navy has been the biggest beneficiary of them. 
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