Kushinagar International Airport 

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Kushinagar is an important Buddhist pilgrimage site, where Gautama Buddha attained Mahaparinirvana. It is regarded as a very sacred Buddhist pilgrimage centre where Buddhists pilgrims from all over the world come for pilgrimage.  

  • Kushinagar is dotted with several  other Buddhist sites in the nearby surroundings like Sravasti (238 km), Kapilvastu (190 km) and Lumbini (195 km) that makes it an attraction for both followers and visitors alike.  
  • Kushinagar already serves as the presenting site for Buddhist circuit pilgrimage spanning across India and Nepal. Union Cabinet has approved the proposal to declare Kushinagar Airport in Uttar Pradesh as an International Airport.   

Benefits : 

  • The Buddhist Circuit is a key pilgrimage destination for 530 million practicing Buddhists across the globe.  
  • Hence declaration of Kushinagar Airport as an 'International Airport' will offer improved connectivity, wider choice of services at competitive costs to the air-travellers resulting in boosting of domestic/international tourism and economic development of the region. 
  • On any given day, around 200-300 devotees from Thailand, Cambodia, Japan, Burma, etc are coming and offering their prayers at Kushinagar. However, this International tourist destination has no direct connectivity, which has been a long pending demand of the visitors. 
  • Direct international connectivity to Kushinagar would substantially increase the number of foreigners and domestic tourists visiting  Kushinagar, which will also provide impetus to economic development of the region.  
  • The international airport is expected to boost the already growing tourism and hospitality ecosystem in the country. 
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