Krushi Aranya Protsaha Yojane (KAPY) 

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Karnataka Forest Department initiated ‘Krushi Aranya Protsaha Yojane (KAPY)’ in 2011-12 in order to promote the co-operation of farmers and general public in the task of increasing forest and tree cover.  

  • As per the programme, farmers are provided seedlings at subsidized rates from the nearest nurseries of the Forest Department for planting in their lands.  
  • The farmers are paid an amount of Rs 30 as incentive for every surviving seedling at the end of the first year.  
  • A sum of Rs 30 and Rs 40 per seedling is provided for each surviving seedling after completion of second and third year respectively.  
  • The incentive is given to encourage the farmer not only to plant the seedlings but also to nurture them at least for three years.  
  • The total amount of money provided (Rs 100/- per seedling) more than compensates the cost incurred by the farmer in procuring and planting the seedling.  
  • The incentive is quite substantial when the farmer plants more number of seedlings.  
  • Apart from getting the financial incentive, the farmers are entitled to get handsome returns from the grown up trees in various forms such as fruits, seeds, fodder, firewood, pole, timber, etc. 
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