Krishna and Godavari 

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The Union Government is going to take stock of water utilisation from the Krishna and Godavari rivers following Telangana and Andhra Pradesh filing complaints against each other. 

  • Secretary, Department of Water Resources, Union Ministry of Jal Shakti, asked the Chairpersons of the Krishna and Godavari River Management Boards to procure the details of the irrigation projects in Maharashtra and Karnataka, too, and submit them to the Centre in a month.  
  • The main objective of the exercise appears to be to assess whether surplus water will be available for the new projects in the light of the disputes. 

About Krishna river  

  • The Krishna is the second largest east flowing river of the Deccan Peninsula. 
  • The Krishna Basin extends over Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka having a total area of 2.6 lakh 
  • It is bounded by Balaghat range on the north, by the Eastern Ghats on the south and the east and by the Western Ghats on the west. 
  • The Krishna River rises from the Western Ghats near Jor village of Satara district of Maharashtra at an altitude of 1,337 m just north of Mahabaleshwar. 
  • The total length of river from origin to its outfall into the Bay of Bengal is 1,400 km. 
  • The major part of basin is covered with agricultural land accounting to 75.86% of the total area. 
  • The Krishna forms a large delta with a shoreline of about 120 km. The Krishna delta appears to merge with that formed by the Godavari and extends about 35 km into the sea. 

About Godavari river  

  • The Godavari is the largest river system of the Peninsular India and is revered as Dakshina Ganga. 
  • The Godavari basin extends over states of Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Odisha in addition to smaller parts in Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka and Union territory of Puducherry (Yanam) having a total area of 3 lakh 
  • The basin is bounded by Satmala hills, the Ajanta range and the Mahadeo hills on the north, by the Eastern Ghats on the south and the east and by the Western Ghats on the west. 
  • The Godavari River rises from Trimbakeshwar in the Nashik district of Maharashtra about 80 km from the Arabian Sea at an elevation of 1,067 m. 
  • The total length of Godavari from its origin to outfall into the Bay of Bengal is 1,465 km. 
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