Interfaith Marriages

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The featuring of an interfaith couple in an advertisement aired by the Tata-owned Tanishq led to accusation of it promoting love jihad. Tanishq finally withdrew the advertisement fearing a larger impact on the brands.


Findings of a 2013 study about interfaith marriages in India

  • Central Government-run International Institute for Population Sciences had presented a paper on interfaith marriages in India in 2013 by analysing data from the “India Human Development Survey (IHDS) data, 2005.”
  • The study suggests that 2.21 % of all married women between the age of 15-49 had married outside their religion.
  • The proportion of inter-religious marriages is highest at 2.8 % among the women of the young age group (15-19) than other age groups which decrease with increasing age at marriage with 2.3 % for those in the age group 20-24, 2 % for 25-29 and 1.9 % for those above 30.
  • Interreligious marriages are greater among the women living in urban areas at 2.9 % compared to 1.8 % for rural areas.


Scenario in religious groups

  • The prevalence of women marrying outside their faith is the highest amongst Christians with 3.5 % of women having mixed marriages.
  • Sikhs come second at 3.2 %, Hindu’s 1.5 % and Muslims 0.6 %.


States Scenario

  • Punjab has the highest mixed marriages at 7.8 %. Jharkhand at 5.7 % and Andhra Pradesh at 4.9 % also have a high proportion of mixed marriages.
  • The lowest percentage of mixed marriages are in Bengal at 0.3 %, Chhattisgarh 0.6 % and Rajasthan 0.7 %.
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