Integrated Theatre Commands

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Army Chief General Manoj Naravane has said that the next step in defence reforms after the appointment of the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) would be the formation of integrated theatre commands. This process would be “deliberate, thoughtful and well considered.”


What is a ‘theatre command’?

  • A theatre command is an organisational structure designed to control all military assets in a theatre of war to achieve military effects.
  • A joint command is called a ‘theatre command’ in military parlance (of army, air force and navy).
  • It places the resources of all forces at the command of a senior military commander.
  • For example a ‘theatre command’ in the North will integrate components of the IAF and the Army, and also have component of the Navy integrated with it.
  • At present, the only joint command is learnt to be in Andaman and Nicobar islands.
  • Kargil Review Committee, Shekatkar Committee have lamented on compartmentalised planning against external and internal threats with some ‘jointness’ envisaged at the highest levels. To combat disjointed and fragmented execution at the operational and lower levels, a theatre command becomes necessary.
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