Institutes of Eminence Scheme 

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Union HRD Minister has recently chaired a review meeting on the progress of works sanctioned under the Institutes of Eminence Scheme (IoE).  

About Institutes of Eminence Scheme – 

  • Institutes of Eminence are institutions which are expected to make into top 500 world rankings in a decade. 
  • They have complete freedom to decide the curricula, hire domestic and foreign faculty and fix a fee structure of their choice. 
  • It comprises 10 public and 10 private educational institutions which will be selected based on the recommendations of Empowered committee. 
  • The Government has recently shortlisted 6 Institutions of Eminence (IoEs) including 3 from Public Sector and 3 from Private Sector. 
  • Rs. 1000 cr. grant will be given only to public institutions and no funds will be given to private institutions. 
  • These Institutions shall also be provided with autonomy – 
    • to admit foreign students up to 30% of admitted students; 
    • to recruit foreign faculty upto 25% of faculty strength; 
    • to offer online courses upto 20% of its programmes; 
    • to enter into academic collaboration with top 500 in the world ranking Institutions without permission of UGC; 
    • free to fix and charge fees from foreign students without restriction; 
    • flexibility of course structure in terms of number of credit hours and years to take a degree; 
    • complete flexibility in fixing of curriculum and syllabus, among others. 
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