‘India-specific strategy must’ 

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Poor are worst hit by pandemic, says Congress functionary 

  • As of now, there are reports indicating that the current form of extreme lockdown will be extended until April 30. If the government is also simultaneously thinking about a gradual “unlock” process, it is welcome. 
  • A lockdown in itself cannot be a strategy. It has to be accompanied by measures such as what Rajasthan undertook in Bhilwara. 
  • The Bhilwara model is the model for the nation to emulate. Even after 21 days, the Prime Minister and the Union government have not laid out a strategy for the nation to emerge out of this extreme lockdown. 
  • So, in the absence of that, it is only natural and wise that State governments will prefer to extend the lockdown and deal with the crisis locally which they seem to be doing very well now. 
  • The under-privileged are bearing the brunt of this — ostracism, lack of hospital care, loss of wages, homelessness, hunger etc. 
  • Indian data on COVID-19, it now seems clear that the virus is very contagious but not as fatal as some of the initial wild estimates of epidemiologists predicted. 
  • Given India’s vast informal, daily wage labour force, a high density of people living in one room houses, large urban-rural divide and a much younger population than the developed countries, it is an argument for a more balanced and humane approach than the current extreme and absolute lockdown. 
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