India-Japan sign logistics agreement 

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India and Japan signed a logistics agreement that will allow the Armed Forces of both sides to coordinate closely in services and supplies. 

India-Japan logistics agreement 

  • A statement from the government informed that the agreement on ‘Reciprocal Provision Supplies and Services’ will “increase interoperability between the Armed Forces of India and Japan” and assist in maintaining regional security. 
  • The agreement establishes the enabling framework for closer cooperation between the Armed Forces of India and Japan in reciprocal provision of supplies and services while engaged in bilateral training activities, United Nations Peacekeeping Operations, Humanitarian International Relief and other mutually agreed activities. 
  • It will help both sides coordinate on medical requirements, supplies, maintenance, airlifting and communication. 
  • Significantly, the agreement signed on Wednesday is mainly aimed at greater maritime cooperation and can dramatically upgrade India-Japan naval exercises as the participants are expected to share maritime facilities for mutual benefit. 
  • With the signing of a logistics agreement with Japan, India now has a logistics support agreement with all the QUAD member countries i.e. Australia, Japan and the USA. 

What is mutual logistics agreement? 

  • The MLSA is a bilateral agreement between the countries that allows reciprocal access to military facilities in terms of logistics support which generally include food, water, petroleum (fuel), spare parts and other components. 
  • The agreement will be useful during joint military exercises, peacekeeping operations, Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief operations, scheduled deployments of military platforms, and any other exigent situations that may arise. 
  • It will help in improving interoperability between the involved parties. 
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