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India-Canada IC-IMPACTS(the India-Canada Centre for Innovative Multidisciplinary Partnerships to Accelerate Community Transformation and Sustainability) Annual Research Conference discusses ways of taking cooperation to a new level

  • IC-IMPACTS is the first, and only, Canada-India Research Centre of Excellence.
  • It was established through the Canadian Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) as a new Centre.
  • It was dedicated to the development of research collaborations between Canada and India.
  • It will focus on approaches aiding in the growing demand for smart and clean economies.
  • There will also be an opportunity for participants to discuss the shared goals of Canada and India’s innovation and commercialization agendas.
  • Best practices in the areas of women in science, technology deployment, diversity in science, and STEM at schools could be shared between them.
  • Beside this exploring new research in Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Sciences, and Electric Mobility can be discussed.


  • IC-IMPACT has resulted in 1,129 publications, 63 bilateral research projects, 24 technology deployments, 352 partnerships, and 29 patents and technology disclosures.
  • Projects implemented under this partnership have directly resulted in 7 start-ups and the creation of many jobs for our young graduates.
  • Approximately 200 students most of whom are masters, Ph.D., and post-doctoral fellows were trained under the IC-IMPACT.
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