HCQ clinical trials will resume: WHO 

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The World Health Organisation said on Wednesday that clinical trials of the drug hydroxychloroquine will resume, after having been suspended pending a safety review in the search for coronavirus treatments. 

  • Hydroxychloroquine — which has anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties — inhibited the coronavirus in laboratory experiments, but has not been proven effective in humans, particularly in placebo-controlled, randomised clinical trials considered the gold standard for data.  
  • The debate has become highly politicised, and many scientists have voiced concern. 
  • Nearly 150 doctors signed an open letter to The Lancet last week calling the article’s conclusions into question and asking to make public the peer review comments that preceded publication. 
  • The study, using data provided by healthcare data analytics firm Surgisphere, was not a traditional clinical trial that would have compared hydroxychloroquine to a placebo or other medicine. 
  • The Lancet’s editors said in a note that serious scientific questions about the study were brought to their attention and an independent audit of the data has already been commissioned. 
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