Gunners Day

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In order to commemorate the raising of first Indian Artillery Unit in the year 1827 September 28th, Gunners Day is celebrated. 

  • The 5 (Bombay) Mountain Battery raised as the 8th Company of the Golandaz Battalion, Bombay Foot Artillery. Presently,  it forms part of 57 Field Regiment. 
  • One of the largest Arms of Indian Army, Regiment of Artillery celebrates the Gunners Day. 
  • Under the “Make in India” initiative of the Government of India, Regiment of Artillery is in the path of development. Both in terms of equipment as well as support systems. 


The Gunners Day History

  • During 1368, at the Battle of Adoni, recorded first the use of Artillery in India.
  • After 1857, during the Afghan War, a majority of the Artillery units disbanded with only the mountain batteries being retained for development. 
  • In 1923, the School of Artillery established in Kabul. Subsequently, the Mountain Artillery Training Centre came at Dehradun moving to Lucknow and later to Ambala.  Then at Mathura, the Field Artillery Training Centre came up.
  •  The Mughal Emperor Babur first used Artillery in North India to defeat the Afghan king of Delhi, Ibrahim Lodhi. During the first battle of Panipat in 1526 firstly used Artillery.
  • Mughal kings at Delhi, Tipu Sultan in Mysore and the Nizam in Hyderabad extensively used Artillery. 
  • In Indian History, the most effective use of Artillery made by Sikhs. Particularly, Maharaja Ranjit Singh raised it to a high standard of battle efficiency.
  • In particular, the modern Indian Surveillance and Target Acquisition (SATA) Gunner developed in 1925. 
  • This was when the ‘Nine Originals’ were put together under Captain EB Culverwell, MC to form the First Survey Section at the School of Artillery, Kabul. 
  • Consequently, in August 1942 this core became the  1st Indian Survey Regiment.
  • Initially, three Indian Officers commissioned into Artillery from the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich.
  • The first Indian officer to commissioned into Artillery –  Prem Singh Gyani.
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