Fly Ash 

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NTPC Ltd., a central PSU under Ministry of Power and country’s largest power generation company has developed an infrastructure at Rihand project in Uttar Pradesh to transport fly ash in bulk to cement plants, located at distance, at a cheaper cost. The development is in line with NTPC’s commitment towards 100 percent utilisation of fly ash from power plants. 

What is ‘Fly Ash’? 

  • Fly ash is the end product of combustion during the process of power generation in the coal-based thermal power plants. 
  • Proper management of fly ash is important for not only the environment but for us also as the ash produced by the power plants occupies a lot of land space. 
  • At present, 63% of the fly ash is being utilised in India but the target is for 100% utilisation of the fly ash. 
  • Government Initiatives for Fly Ash utilisation – 
  • GST rates on fly ash and its products have been reduced to 5%. 
  • ASH TRACK Mobile App has been launched by the Ministry of Power for better management of fly ash produced by thermal power plants. 
  • Ash-park, for promoting fly ash-based product manufacturing units, has been developed and awareness programme for utilisation of fly ash and its products have been conducted. 
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