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Soon starting flights to ferry Indian citizens with the UAE’s residency visas or work permits to places like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, etc.

Why during this situation?

Thousands of Indian citizens with work permits and residency visas have been wanting to go back to their jobs in Dubai but could not because of the travel restrictions. 

What are the requirements for Indian citizens to fly to the UAE? 

The UAE is allowing residency visa holders and tourists to now enter its borders given that they fulfill two conditions: 

  • They need approval from the UAE Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, which can be taken online. 
  • They need to have a Covid19 PCR test done no more than 96 hours from the date of arrival into the UAE. Despite many ready to meet these stipulations, there are diplomatic bottlenecks for people to fly back.


What are the bottlenecks for Indian citizens wanting to fly to the UAE?

The main bottleneck is the availability of a means of transport: 

Earlier, state-owned airlines Air India, and its subsidiary Air India Express were pulled up by the UAE authorities for ferrying regular passengers from India to the UAE on flights meant to specifically repatriate Indian citizens from the UAE to India. Following this, the carriers, which were the sole operators of Vande Bharat Mission at the time, suspended outbound traffic on these flights and advised passengers to get specific approval from the UAE Embassy in New Delhi and the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation if they wished to travel on outbound legs of the repatriation flights. However, Albanna said Wednesday that point of contention was in India with the government here not opening up airports for foreign carriers to carry passengers from here.

 Source: Indian express

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