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News : Towards providing drugs for Coronavirus patients in India, CSIR has identified the top 25 drugs/drug candidates for repurposing.  

  • Among these top 25 drugs, Favipiravir a broad spectrum inhibitor of viral RNA polymerase has emerged as of one of the most promising drugs.  
  • Favipiravir was developed by Fujifilm Toyama Chemical Ltd., and is an approved treatment for common influenza and is marketed in Russia, China and Japan. 
  • CSIR-IICT, based in Hyderabad has developed a convenient and cost effective synthetic process for Favipiravir. 
  • Favipiravir is a generic drug and already being used for treatment of influenza and also is in clinical trials for Covid-19 in many countries such as in China, Japan and Italy. 
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