‘Extend rations to those unlisted’ 

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Congress president Sonia Gandhi urges Prime Minister to offer grains till Sept. 

  • Government to offer increased rations to people who are identified as beneficiaries under the National Food Security Act (NFSA) as well as vulnerable sections who may not enlisted under it. 
  • The Congress chief also suggested providing 10 kg grains/person free of cost for a period of 6 months to all those who may be facing food insecurity but don’t have ration cards. 

Use buffer stock 

  • Lakhs of vulnerable people across the country face chronic food insecurity due to the lockdown. This is tragic given that India has large buffer stock of food grains precisely for exigencies like the current pandemic. 
  • Releasing additional food grains to the States will help create storage space with Food Corporation of India (FCI) to scale up the rabi procurement of wheat and rice. 
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