Experts call for proper disposal of PPE 

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India needs 20 to 25 lakh pieces of personal protective equipment a day for workers fighting COVID-19 

  • With India needing an estimated 25 lakh units of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) every day, experts and scientists have highlighted the need for their proper disposal, treatment and recycling to safeguard the environment.   
  • Since the COVID-19 outbreak, plastic items such as PPE suits, masks, gloves, sanitiser, hand-wash and water bottles, and shoes and head cover have been the only protective shield for the front-line workers.  
  • The masks, gloves, protective shield for eyes and face, head and shoe cover, and apron made from plastics were used since impermeable material stopped virus-containing droplets from touching the skin.  
  • All biomedical waste needs to be disposed of in colour coded categories — yellow, red, white and blue — as per the guidelines stipulated in the Biomedical Waste Management Rules 2016 and by the Central Pollution Control Board.  
  • The earth is healing itself; it is an ideal time to cut down on non-ecofriendly human practices such as littering and utilise this time to strengthen the plastic waste management ecosystem in India.  
  • The responsibility to ensure proper disposal of waste and source segregation is on every Indian citizen, it will prevent the highly hazardous practice of waste dumping in landfills/waste bodies and help in keeping our earth clean and green.  
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