Existing schemes providing support to farmers: Tomar 

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‘Govt.’s actions sufficient to cope with COVID-19 impact’ 

  • NITI Aayog provided a rosy picture of the agriculture sector, to see a near-normal growth rate of at least 3% in 2020-21, despite the COVID-19 crisis. The farm sector grew at a rate of 3.7% in the last fiscal year.  
  • Despite the shutdown of large parts of the industrial and services sectors, agricultural growth will ensure that the Indian economy does not shrink this year.  
  • At least 0.5% GDP growth would come from agriculture alone, refuting international predictions of a negative GDP growth rate.  
  • The forecast of a normal monsoon and reports of reservoirs having water at levels 40-60% higher than usual.  

Fertilizer and seed sales have been 5% and 20% higher than usual in the first four months of this year, farmers are getting higher mandi prices for major commodities, including wheat, gram, rapeseed, mustard and staple vegetables. 

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