Exercise Suraksha Kavach

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Agnibaaz Division organised a joint exercise for both Indian Army and Maharashtra Police at Lullanagar Pune recently.



  • The aim of the exercise was to harmonise the drills and procedures of both Army and Police for activating anti-terrorist Quick Reaction Teams (QRTs) to counter any terrorist actions in Pune.
  • The exercise provided an opportunity for both Army and Police to cooperate, coordinate, coopt and streamline their drills and procedures.



  • The exercise involved participation of:
  • Quick Reaction Teams
  • Dog Squads
  • Bomb Disposal Teams of Army
  • Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS)
  • Quick Reaction Team of Maharashtra Police.



  • A simulated exercise scenario was built up regarding the presence of terrorist in family accommodations at Lullanagar.
  • It was based on which Quick Reaction Teams of Army initially established the outer cordon.
  • Traffic control on the nearby roads was jointly carried out by Maharashtra traffic police and Corps of Military Police Army.


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