Emission norms for L7 (Quadricycle) category for BS VI notified 

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News : The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has issued notification dated 22nd May 2020 regarding the emission norms for L7 (Quadricycle) category for BS VI. These norms are applicable from the date of notification. 

  • This notification completes the process of BS VI for all L, M and N category vehicles in India. The emission norms are in line with EU with WMTC cycle. 
  • The move is likely to encourage the production of quadricycles, a segment introduced less than two years ago. The central government had introduced the quadricycle segment in 2018 and approved it for both commercial and private use. 
  • Automobile manufacturers will now be able to produce petrol, diesel, CNG and biofuel quadricycles for the Indian market. 
  • The Ministry of Road Transport describes quadricycle as a vehicle the size of a three-wheeler but with four tyres and fully covered like a car. "It has an engine like that of a three-wheeler. This makes it a cheap and safe mode of transport for last-mile connectivity." 
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