Clashes erupt in East Jerusalem after ceasefire comes into effect



  •  Scattered clashes have broken out between Palestinian protesters and Israeli police at the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem hours after a truce in Gaza went into effect.

Triggers for the Gaza fighting

  • Clashes at the holy site, which is revered by Jews and Muslims, were one among the most triggers for the Gaza fighting.
  •  Palestinians propounded by the thousands after a ceasefire took effect, with many viewing it as costly but clear victory for Hamas.
  • Israel vowed to reply with a “new level of force” to any longer hostilities.
Clashes erupt in Jerusalem after ceasefire comes into effect - The Hindu

 Victory is claimed by both sides 

  •  Just like the three previous wars between the bitter enemies, the most recent round of fighting ended inconclusively.
  • Israel claimed to possess inflicted heavy damage on Hamas with many bruising airstrikes but once more was unable to halt the rockets.
  • Hamas also claimed victory, despite the horrifying toll the war took on countless Palestinian families who lost loved ones, homes and businesses.
  • The ceasefire was brokered by neighbouring Egypt after the U.S. pressed Israel to wind down the offensive.
  • The U.S. initially backed what it said was Israel’s right to self-defence against indiscriminate rocket fire.
  •  But because the fighting dragged on and therefore the price mounted, the Americans increasingly pressured Israel to prevent the offensive.

Global substitute Israel-Palestine Conflict

  • Recently, India, the us and a number of other other countries have involved calm and restraint amid escalating tensions and violence between Israel and Palestinian militants.
  •  India’s Stand: At the UN Security Council meeting, India expressed deep concern at the clashes and violence in Jerusalem and called on each side to avoid changing the status-quo on the bottom .
  • ○ India’s Permanent Representative to the UN, stressed the necessity to right away resume direct peace talks and commitment to a two-state solution.
  • US Stand: The US President has also involved de-escalation of the deadly violence that has claimed dozens of lives.
  •  However, the US added that Israel features a right to defend itself if it's attacked by thousands of rockets.
  • Response by the Arab World: Iran, Qatar and Turkey completely support the Palestinian cause and are backing Hamas.
  • UAE and Saudi Arabia are almost de facto allies of Israel.



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