E-Dharti Geo Portal

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The Union of Housing and Urban affairs minister launched the e-Dharti Geo Portal.

  • The portal will integrate map and lease plans in the Management Information System.
  • It will make the system Geographic Information System enabled, GIS enabled.



  • The land & development office (L&DO) is dealing with around 60,000 properties that are commercial, residential, industrial as well as institutional.
  • The minister urged all organisations to undertake efforts to identify more activities that need to be automated and made free of human interface.
  • The move will integrate legacy drawings such as maps and lease plans in the management information system (MIS), namely e-Dharti, and make it GIS enabled.
  • The certificate to be offered includes property details like land type, property type, date of allotment, property status, sub-type, plot area, date of execution of lease deed, property address, details about present lessee and litigation status among others.


Geographic information system

  • It is a computerized system that captures, stores, checks and displays data related to the position of the earth. The system shows different details of data such as buildings streets and vegetation.
  • The Government of India has been taking several measures to map the land area in the country.
  • Property certificate
  • It is usually created during purchase of a property. The property certificate provides information about the property to the purchaser and the lessee.
  • This information about the property certificate can now be accessed by paying a nominal fee of thousand rupees.
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