E-commerce firms can’t supply non-essential goods, says govt. 

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MHA issues guidelines for movement of migrant labourers within State 

  • The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) clarified that supply of non-essential goods by e-commerce companies will remain prohibited during the lockdown. 
  • The Ministry also issued guidelines for the movement of migrant labourers living in relief camps to their workplace, within the boundaries of a State, in areas where the lockdown will be relaxed from April 20. 
  • There will be no inter-State movement of labourers. They will be registered, screened and those who are asymptomatic would be transported to their places of work by ensuring social distancing measures.  
  • The relaxations will not apply to hotspots or containment zones, and public transport will remain prohibited till May 3. 
  • On April 15, the MHA had revised its guidelines issued under the Disaster Management Act, 2005, to allow the States to decide on the additional public activities to be allowed from April 20 in non-hotspot zones.  
  • As per the April 15 order, “e-commerce companies” and vehicles used by their operators had been allowed but it was not specified if it was applicable to items others than essentials. 
  • The MHA wrote to the States to exclude the e-commerce category from the revised guidelines. The Confederation of All India Traders issued a statement claiming credit for the exclusion of e-commerce companies. 
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