Dzukou Valley wildfire doused


The wildfire at Dzukou Valley straddling the Manipur Nagaland border has been doused after it raged for two weeks. 


Dzukou Valley

  • Dzukou Valley is located at the border of Nagaland and Manipur.
  • It has an elevation of 2400m.
  • Dzukou Lily found in this valley is very rare and endemic to this area.
  • Dzukou valley is also known as “Valley of flowers” in Nagaland.


State Disaster Management Authority

  • SDMA lays down the policies and plans for disaster management in the state.
  • It is headed by Chief Ministers of the states.
  • It is responsible to coordinate the implementation of the state Plan, recommend provision of funds for mitigation and preparedness measures and review the developmental plans of the different departments of the state to ensure integration of prevention, preparedness and mitigation measures.
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