DRDO tests enhanced range Pinaka rocket


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The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) recently successfully test-fired the improved range versions of the Pinaka rocket.

Important Points:

Enhanced PINAKA rocket, developed by Defence Research and Development  Organisation, DRDO has been successfully flight tested from Integrated Test  Range, Chandipur off the coast of Odisha.
  • Test-fire was conducted from a Multi-Barrel rocket launcher (MBRL) at integrated test range, Chandipur in Odisha.
  • Four enhanced range versions of 122mm rockets were test-fired with full instrumentation and that they met the entire mission objectives.
  • These rockets are developed for Army applications and may destroy targets up to 40 km.
  • The enhanced range version of the Pinaka rocket system can destroy targets at distances up to 45 kms.
  • This enhanced rocket system would replace the prevailing 122mm Grad rockets.
  • DRDO stated that 25 enhanced Pinaka rockets were launched in quick succession against targets at different ranges.
  • Both the Pinaka and the 122 mm rockets were developed by the Pune-based Armament Research and Development Establishment and High Energy Materials lab with manufacturing support from Economic Explosives Limited, Nagpur.


PINAKA Multi Barrel rocket launching System (MBRLS):

  • The Pinaka Multi Barrel rocket launching System (MBRLS) designed and developed by agencies under DRDO, is an all-weather fire artillery rocket system.
  • It was effectively used during the Indo-Pakistan conflict in Kargil in June 1999 (Op Vijay).
  • The system is capable of firing free flight also as guided Pinaka rockets.
  • Currently, the free flight Pinaka rockets can engage targets up to 37.5 km (Pinaka Mk-I) and 60 km (Pinaka Mk-II) range whereas guided Pinaka rockets can engage targets located deep into enemy territory up to a range of 75 km with high precision.
  • The rockets are often fitted with a good range of warheads, including explosive , anti-tank bomblet, anti-personnel mines etc.
  • The weapon system with Mk-I rockets has been inducted into Services and currently under bulk production.
  • Two regiments of Pinaka are inducted and have become fully operational in 2010.
  • The next two regiments are under induction. the military has decided to induct a total of twenty-two regiments and 1.89 lakhs rockets.

Role of Pinaka:

  • Neutralization or destruction of exposed troop concentrations, ‘B’ vehicles and other soft targets.
  • Engagement of enemy concentration areas, communication centres, airport terminal complexes, armour and mechanized concentrations.
  • Neutralization of enemy guns, rocket and missile launcher locations.
  • Deny movement of enemy personnel and armored vehicle columns.
  • Destruction of FOL and ammunition dumps.

Types of Pinaka:

Pinaka Mk-I: the assembly of the Pinaka weapon commenced in 2006.  

  • Pinaka is the first example of DRDO private industry partnership which culminated into production.  
  • Various warhead kinds like Fragmentation explosive , Incendiary, Anti-Tank and Anti-Personnel minelettes etc.

Pinaka Mk-II: An enhanced version of Pinaka; up to 90 km range Pinaka Mk-II Rocket System has been developed with various contemporary technologies compatible with Pinaka ground system.  

Based on the technologies established for the Pinaka Mk-II rocket, the development of Pinaka Mk-I (Enhanced) having a range of 45+ km is being progressed. (Which was tested recently with a moving multi-barrel launch system).

Guided Pinaka: Guided Pinaka rocket is capable of striking targets located deep into enemy territory up to a variety of 75 km with precision.  

  • It is configured using the system developed for the Pinaka Mk-II rocket.
  • Guided Pinaka rocket is controlled and guided from lift-off to impact and manoeuvred continuously.
  • The main aim of guided Pinaka is to satisfy the need of highly accurate weapons with enhanced lethality and low fatal accident .




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