Donald Trump may suspend H-1B visas: Report 

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Dampening the 'Great American Dream' of thousands of Indian IT professionals, the Donald Trump administration is said to be considering a proposal to suspend employment visas, including the most coveted H-1B visa.  

  • According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, the proposed suspension could bar any new H-1B holder outside the America from coming to work until the suspension is lifted, though visa holders already in the country are unlikely to be affected. 
  • H-1B is the most coveted foreign work visas for technology professionals from India. Such a decision by the Trump administration is likely to have an adverse impact on thousands of Indian IT professionals. Already a large number of Indians on the H-1B visas have lost their jobs and are headed back home during the coronavirus pandemic. 

A final decision on the issue is yet to be taken. 

  • The Trump government is also said to be considering a proposal to increase H-1B visa application fee from $460 to $20,000. "It is also considering ending an Obama-era rule allowing spouses of H-1B workers to work on their visas. That could eliminate approximately 100,000 immigrants from the workforce over time," the report said. 
  • Besides the H-1B visa, H-2B visa for short-term seasonal workers, J-1 visa for short-term workers including camp counsellors and au pairs and L-1 visa for internal company transfers could also be suspended. 
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