Cyclone ‘NISARGA’ 

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Cyclone Nisarga, the tropical storm expected to make landfall on Wednesday, is currently 165km south-southwest of Alibaug, 215km south-southwest of Mumbai and 440km south-southwest of Surat in Gujarat. 


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  • Nisarga has intensified into a severe cyclonic storm early on Wednesday morning and is currently recording a wind speed of 85 to 95kmph gusting to 105kmph. Typically, severe cyclonic storms make landfall with wind speeds of 100 to 110kmph gusting to 120kmph. 
  • IMD scientists on Wednesday morning that diameter of Nisarga’s eye is about 65km as observed through the radar so it has decreased during past one hour indicating the intensification of the system. 
  • The eye is the region of calm weather at the centre of tropical cyclones. 
  • The higher sea surface temperature and low vertical wind shear favoured the intensification of severe cyclonic circulation. 
  • IMD has issued a red alert for at least seven coastal districts of Maharashtra, while several districts along Gujarat’s coast are also expecting heavy rainfall. 
  • Nisarga is the 65th named cyclone in the north Indian Ocean and its name, proposed by Bangladesh, means ‘nature’ in Bengali. 
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