Cyclone Amphan 

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The deep depression over the southeast Bay of Bengal that has intensified into a cyclonic storm ‘Amphan’ on Saturday is likely to intensify into a severe cyclonic storm and move north-northwestwards on Sunday.  

  • According to the India Meteorological Department, the Amphan is expected to re-curve north-northwestwards across the northwest Bay of Bengal towards West Bengal and adjoining north Odisha coasts on Monday and Tuesday.

Warning of Tropical Cyclones  

  • Detection of any unusual phenomena in the weather leading to cyclones has three main parameters: fall in pressure, increase in wind velocity, and the direction and movement (track) of the storm.
  • There is a network of weather stations monitoring pressure fall and wind velocities in all countries of the world, including the Arctic and Antarctic regions.
  • The islands attain special significance in this as they facilitate monitoring of these developments.
  • In India, there are detection radars along both the coasts.
  • Monitoring is also done by aircraft which carry a number of instruments including weather radar.
  • Cyclone monitoring by satellites is done through very high-resolution radiometers, working in the visual and infra-red regions (for night view) of the spectrum to obtain an image of the cloud cover and its structure.
  • Remote sensing by radars, aircraft, and satellites helps predict where exactly the cyclone is going to strike. It helps in taking advance steps in the following areas:
  1. a.) closing of ports and harbors,
  2. b.) suspension of fishing activities,
  3. c.) evacuation of the population,
  4. d.) stocking of food and drinking water, and
  5. e.) provision of shelter with sanitation facilities (safety homes).
  • Today, it is possible to detect a cyclone right from its genesis in the high seas and follow its course, giving a warning at least 48 hours prior to a cyclone strike.
  • However, the predictions of a storm course made only 12 hours in advance do not have a very high rate of precision