Uterus Removals In India 




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  • Fight Corona IDEAthon, a 2-day online ideathon, is an initiative jointly organised by MHRD Innovation Cell, AICTE, MEITY Startup Hub, InnovatioCuris and other institutions of global and national prominence offering support in terms of Technology, Knowledge, Outreach, etc., with Forge Accelerator as the Partner incubator.
  • In the endeavour to scout for accessible and affordable technological solutions that can contain the rapid spread of infection, ease the mounting pressure and ensure a quick return to normalcy.
  • Challenges and problem statements have been sought from healthcare professionals, government officials and other stakeholders working on the ground and are curated under 8 different categories such as - 
  1. Personal Hygiene & Protection, 
  2. Awareness, Preparedness & Responsible Behavior, 
  3. Medical Systems - Diagnostic & Therapeutic, Screening, 
  4. Testing & Monitoring - Devices & IT/Digital/Data Solutions, 
  5. Protecting Most Vulnerable Groups, 
  6. Community Task Forces/Working Groups, 
  7. Remote Work & Remote Education, 
  8. Stabilizing Affected Businesses and the Open Category where one has the flexibility to choose and solve their own challenges.

Government exempts farming and allied activities from lockdown 

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Agriculture, farming and allied activities have been exempted from the lockdown. The decision has been taken with a view to address problems being faced by the farming community. This will also ensure uninterrupted harvesting of crops.  

  • Agriculture Minister has been constantly monitoring issues related to the farmers ever since the lockdown was enforced. 
  • He was apprised of the difficulties the farmers could face in the harvesting of their crops and transporting food grains to the mandis. 
  • The decision will also allow unhindered harvesting of crops.
  • Under the 2nd Addendum issued by the Union Home Ministry the categories that have been exempted from the lockdown include agencies engaged in procurement of agriculture products such as MSP operations;  Mandis operated by the Agriculture Produce Market Committee or as notified by the State Government, Farming operations by farmers and farm workers in the field and custom hiring centres related to farm machinery. 
  • Manufacturing and packaging units of fertilisers, pesticides and seed and Intra and Inter-State movement of harvesting and sowing related machines like combined harvester and other agriculture and horticulture implements have also been exempted from the lockdown.

World is now in recession: IMF 

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The International Monetary Fund (IMF) said that the world is in the face of a devastating impact due to the coronavirus pandemic and has clearly entered a recession, but projected a recovery next year. 

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has driven the global economy into a downturn that will require massive funding to help developing nations.
  • Governments in emerging markets, which have suffered an exodus of capital of more than $83 billion in recent weeks, can cover much of that, but “clearly the domestic resources are insufficient” and many already have high debt loads.
  • Over 80 countries, mostly with low incomes, have already requested emergency aid from the International Monetary Fund.
  • According to IMF, this It is clear that we have entered a recession that will be worse than the one in 2009, following the global financial crisis.
  • Stressing that while containment is the main reason for the economy to stand still and get into a recession, IMF said containment is very necessary to come out of this period and step in to recovery.
  • There is risk of a wave of bankruptcies and layoffs that can undermine the recovery. 

ISIL - Khorasan 

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Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) – Khorasan Province has claimed responsibility for the recent Kabul gurdwara attack. 

The ISIL-K is a loose conglomerate of several jihadist tanzeem with differing targets and aims.  

The group's relations with the Taliban, and with Pakistan, are critical elements in its still evolving identity.