COVID-19 fears shifting to livelihood worries, finds study 

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‘Anxiety over funds for daily needs in four States’ 

  • The first survey brought out the general anxieties about the uncertainty brought by COVID-19, what was found in responses in the second survey was growing specific anxieties about income, availability of funds for daily needs and the day-to-day impact on livelihood.  
  • The idea was to study how COVID-19 is being understood and responded to by the community.   
  • One of the key findings was the very high degree of awareness about COVID-19 in all four States, with 99% of all participants having heard about it.  
  • It also found that the risk perceptions have also changed. Respondents with low risk perceptions attributed it to their being vigilant and following government recommendations and rules.   
  • On prevention strategies, handwashing was most commonly cited — suggesting an overall increase in awareness of hygiene, post-COVID-19 — followed by wearing a mask and avoiding going outside.  
  • One common misconception, involved meat-eating, with 55% believing they could get infected from consuming chicken, eggs or meat.  
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