Centralised Farm Machinery Performance Testing Portal

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Union Agriculture Ministry has launched the ‘Centralised Farm Machinery Performance Testing Portal’, developed by the Department of Agriculture, Cooperation and Farmers Welfare as a step to improve series of farm machinery testing institutions and bringing out transparency in the entire process of testing and evaluation of machines.



  • This portal will facilitate manufacturers in applying, communicating and monitoring the progress of testing of their machines in a seamless manner as it is easily accessible from any location and from any device connected to the Internet.
  • It offers the possibility of integrated management in a unified manner within the organisation and thus will help in improving the efficiency of the testing institutes thereby reducing testing time for various agricultural machines and equipments.



  • This portal offers following benefits to the users –
  • In line with Government Policy of “Ease of Doing Business”, this would facilitate applying for testing of machinery online.
  • Ensure Transparency in the entire processes of testing.
  • Faster Feedback
  • Help in Reducing testing Time
  • Reduced Business Expenses of Agricultural Manufacturers
  • Testing Efficiency Improvement
  • Thoroughness in Testing
  • Flexible Access – Officers concerned at Ministry and manufacturers can monitor testing activities from anywhere with internet access.
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