Calcium Nitrate and Boronated Calcium Nitrate

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Union Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers has launched an indigenous variety of fertilizers- ‘Calcium Nitrate’ & ‘Boronated Calcium Nitrate’.


What is Calcium Nitrate?

  • Calcium nitrate is used as a water-soluble fertilizer in agriculture. In addition, this product is also used in wastewater treatment and to increase the strength of cement concrete.
  • Last year, around 1.25 lakh metric tons (1,23,000 tons) of Calcium Nitrate was imported in the country.
  • Of this, 76% was imported from China and the rest from other countries like Norway and Israel.
  • These indigenous varieties will provide a quality product at a cheaper rate to the farmer community in the country than imported ones.


Uses of Calcium nitrate

The fertilizer grade calcium nitrate is popular in the greenhouse and hydroponics. It is also used to control certain plant diseases.

  • Calcium nitrate is also used in wastewater pre-conditioning for odour emission prevention.
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