BRICS seeks ‘inclusive’ intra-Afghan dialogue

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  • The 13th BRICS summit was held virtually.  In the summit, the leaders called for an “inclusive intra-Afghan dialogue” for stability in Afghanistan.

Key Points

  • The virtual summit was chaired by Indian Prime Minister. 
  • The summit discussions were dominated by the developments in Afghanistan. 
  • BRICS also adopted a Counter Terrorism Action Plan. This includes the agreement on Remote Sensing Satellite Constellation between space agencies of the member countries.
  • The New Delhi Declaration document called for resolving the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. It highlighted the need to uphold rights of women, children and minorities.
  • Since two of the BRICS members (Russia and China) still have diplomatic presence in Kabul, it is a good opportunity to discuss on Afghan issue. 
  • It has to be noted that BRICS countries are divided on engagement with the Taliban as Russia and China have adopted a proactive policy towards Taliban.

13th BRICS Summit

  • Theme: [email protected]: Intra-BRICS cooperation for continuity, consolidation and consensus 
  • Priority areas by India:  
    • Reform of the Multilateral System
    • Counter Terrorism
    • Using Digital and Technological Tools for achieving SDGs 
    • Enhancing People to People exchanges.


  • The term 'BRICS' is an acronym for five countries - Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa. 
  • They are five emerging economies of the world with more than 40% of the global population and with 25% of the global GDP. 
  • The first BRIC summit happened in 2009 in Yekaterinburg (Russia). 
  • South Africa joined the association making it BRICS from BRIC in 2010. 
  • The New Development Bank is a multilateral development institutions established under the purview of BRICS. Its headquarters is located in Shanghai, China.
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