Bihar launches app for govt. school students 

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  • The Bihar Education Project Council (BEPC) has launched a mobile application and plans to book a slot with the All India Radio for the audio broadcast of study materials for government school students. 
  • Recently, the BEPC, a wing of the State Education department, launched a mobile application “Unnayan: Mera Mobile, Mera Vidyalaya” for Class VI to XII of over 70,000 government-run schools.  
  • The app, said department officials, was jointly developed by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the Bihar government and Eckovation, a social learning platform. 
  • In collaboration with UNICEF, class-wise and subject-wise study materials are being prepared which will be broadcast by AIR as radio has a deep penetration into villages and is much simpler to operate, a basic phone or smartphone will serve the purpose. 

‘Irrational move’ 

  • There is huge digital divide that exists in Bihar and expecting that the migrant population, whose major cause of concern today is their daily sustenance, would find ways to make their children digitally connect with schools and teachers or participate in online classes would simply be arrogant and irrational. 
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