‘Bengaluru Megha Sandesha’ 

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The ‘Bengaluru Megha Sandesha’, a mobile app, promises to provide real-time information and alerts on weather, rainfall, flooding in Bruhat Bengaluru Mahabharata Palike (BBMP) jurisdiction. 

  • The app provides data on three main modules – live weather, forecast, and safe routes. While live weather and forecast tabs provide location based information on prevailing temperature, rainfall, wind speed and direction, the safe route tab provides information on live rainfall and road inundation on all probable routes (location to destination). 
  • An emergency tab in the app will enable citizens to connect with BBMP emergency control rooms.  
  • Safety tips on Dos and Dont’s during rain and flooding will be provided in the app. 

Varunamitra portal 

  • The government also launched ‘Varunamitra’, a dedicated web portal for weather information in BBMP areas.  
  • It will also provide details on flood vulnerable areas in each zone.  
  • It has a real-time weather dashboard that provides zone wise weather information, location specific rainfall and inundation, and colour coded information on flood severity. 
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