Arsenicum album 30 

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Following an AYUSH Ministry advisory, several states have recommended Arsenicum album 30 as a preventive against Covid, although there is no evidence that it works. A look at the drug, and the debate. 

  • A homoeopathic drug, Arsenicum album 30, has become a subject of debate after several states recommended it for prophylactic (preventive) use against Covid-19.  
  • This was after the Ministry of AYUSH listed the drug among “preventive and prophylactic simple remedies” against Covid-19. 
  • The debate stems from the fact that there is no scientific evidence that the drug works against Covid-19, a fact stressed not only by medical scientists but also by some homoeopathic practitioners themselves. 

The drug 

  • Arsenicum album is made by heating arsenic with distilled water, a process repeated several times over three days. The health hazards of arsenic contamination in water are well known: long-term exposure to the metal can cause skin cancer, pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases. The homoeopathic drug has less than 1% arsenic. 
  • Arsenicum album is considered to correct inflammation in body. It takes care of diarrhoea, cough and cold. A small bottle with one course costs Rs 20-30. 
  • Arsenicum album is used commonly by homeopaths to treat anxiety, restlessness, cold, ulcerations, burning pains. It is taken in powder form or as a tablet. 
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