Antartic Impulsive Transit Antenna 

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Researchers using NASA's ANITA have succeeded in finding "a fountain of high-energy particles erupting from the ice" in Antarctica which according to the researchers could be proof of a parallel universe. 

  • The ANITA instrument is a radio telescope to detect ultra-high energy cosmic-ray neutrinos from a scientific balloon flying over the continent of Antarctica. 
  • ANITA is the first NASA observatory for neutrinos of any kind. Neutrinos are of great interest to astrophysicist as they are the only particle that can reach earth unattenuated at all energies. 
  • The ANITA instrument detects these ultra-high energy neutrinos by use of the Askaryan effect. This effect predicts the production of a coherent radio emission from the cascade of particles produced in a high-energy particle interaction. 
  • ANITA-I was launched in 2006–07 and ANITA-IV was launched in 2016.  
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