All-India Quarterly Establishment based Employment Survey (AQEES)

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  • According to the All-India Quarterly Establishment-based Employment Survey, the overall employment numbers had increased. 


  • There was an increase of 29% overall employment from the base year of 2013-14. However, in the first quarter of this fiscal year, 27% of the establishments surveyed reported pandemic-related retrenchment.
  • The report covered 10,593 firms that employed more than 10 workers. It assessed over 9 sectors that account for 85% of the total employment in such establishments. 
  • Overall, employment stood at 3.08 crore in the first quarter, up from 2.37 crore as reported in the Sixth Economic Census (2013-2014). All but two sectors — trade and accommodation & restaurants — saw an increase in employment over the period.
  • According to the report, the IT/BPO sector had the most impressive growth (152%), followed by health (77%), transport (68%), financial services (48%), construction (42%), education (39%) and manufacturing (22%).
  • Manufacturing was found to account for 41% of the establishments, followed by education (22%) and health (8%).
  • There was a decline in employment in trade (25%) and accommodation and restaurants (13%), which Mr. Yadav said could be attributed to the second wave of the pandemic that was at its peak during the survey.
  • The number of female workers showed a decline, from 31% in the Sixth Economic Survey to 29% as of the first quarter of the quarterly employment survey.

About All-India Quarterly Establishment based Employment Survey (AQEES)

  • The objective of AQEES is to collect the employment data on quarterly basis from all the establishments. It will show estimates for the demand side conditions of the labour market. 
  • Conducted by Labour Bureau, Ministry of Labour. 
  • The AQEES has 2 parts -- Quarterly Employment Survey & Area Frame Establishment Survey. 
  • The QES would provide the employment estimates for the establishments employing 10 or more workers.
  • The AFES would provide the employment estimates for the establishments recruiting 9 or less workers.
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