AK 2003 Deal between India and Russia

Prelims Specific Topic:


  • This agreement was made as part of a massive infantry modernization effort.
  • The Indian Army is receiving a number of AK-103 type assault rifles from Russia as part of this deal.
  • The agreement was reached under the provisions of emergency procurement or emergency financial powers, which were granted to the three services in order for them to make critical purchases.
  • 770,000 AK-47 203 rifles are needed by the Indian army. 100000 will be imported, while the remainder will be produced in India.

Plan for modernization:

  • The Indian army is purchasing a large quantity of light machine guns, battle carbines, and assault rifles as part of a modernization strategy to replace ageing and antiquated weapons.


  • In 2017, the Indian Army began the process of acquiring about seven lakh rifles, 44600 carbines, and 44,000 light machine guns, which took four years. In September 2020, India and Russia signed a huge agreement to manufacture AK-47 203 rifles in India.

The deal's highlights:

  • The Indo-Russia Rifles Private Limited joint venture will produce this gun (IRRPL). A single rifle will cost around USD 1100, including the cost of establishing a manufacturing facility as well as the cost of technology transfer.

About the AK-47 203 Rifles:

  • It is the most recent and technologically advanced version of the AK-47 rifle.
  • It's an AK-103 variation from the 200 series that's been modernized.
  • This rifle will replace the 5.5645 mm assault rifle used by the Indian Small Arms System (INSAS) since 1996.

Source : THE HINDU.


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