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Indian, German, British and Swiss scientists have discovered a new family of bony fish from the Western Ghats.



  • The family has been named Aenigmachannidae. 
  • It consists of the Gollum snakehead, discovered by chance in the aftermath of the August 2018 Kerala floods and the Aenigmachanna mahabali, which was discovered ‘opportunistically’ from a dug-out well, the report said.
  • Aenigmachannidae represents a new family, different from Channidae, in which both species were initially placed.
  • Both fish that have been placed in the family, occur in aquifers and subterranean channels of paddy fields and dug-out wells in northern Kerala’s Malappuram and Pathanamthitta districts.
  • The fish are thought to represent an ancient, unbroken ‘Gondwanan’ lineage that survived the break-up of the Gondwana supercontinent and the northward drift of the Indian subcontinent, about 100 million years ago, according to the scientists.
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