About Green Hydrogen (#GS III)


  • As part of the Narendra Modi government's National Hydrogen Mission, the Indian Oil Corporation (IOCL) has issued a global tender to build green hydrogen generation units at two of its major refineries in North India. With the most refineries, the Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) is the country's largest commercial venture.

What exactly is green hydrogen and how does it function:

  • Green hydrogen is hydrogen that is produced using renewable energy and leaves no carbon footprint.
  • Today's hydrogen is produced mostly from fossil fuels, which are the most frequent source.
  • Hydrogen is extracted from organic sources such as fossil fuels and biomass using chemical processes.

The Importance of Green Hydrogen:

  • Green hydrogen energy is vital for India to meet its INDC goals while also ensuring regional and national energy security, access, and availability.
  • Green hydrogen can be used as a form of energy storage, which will be required in the future to deal with renewable energy's inconsistencies.
  • Green Hydrogen can be used for long-distance mobilizations in railways, large ships, buses, and trucks, among other things, for either urban freight transit within cities and states or for people.
  • Ammonia and methanol are examples of green chemicals that can be utilized directly in existing applications such as fertilizers, mobility, power, chemicals, and shipping.
  • Green hydrogen mixing of up to 10% may be utilized in CGD networks to achieve widespread adoption.
  • It's a low-carbon substance that can aid in the decarbonization of industries such as iron and steel, chemicals, and transportation.
  • Renewable energy that cannot be stored or utilized by the grid can be used to produce hydrogen.

What steps has the Indian government taken to boost the generation of green hydrogen:

  • During her February 2021 budget statement, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced the launch of the Hydrogen Energy Mission, which will create hydrogen from renewable sources.
  • In the same month, the state-owned Indian Oil Corporation agreed to build a Hydrogen Centre of Excellence with Greenstat Norway (CoE-H). It will fund R&D projects for the creation of green and blue hydrogen between Norwegian and Indian R&D institutions/universities.
  • To mobilize money and speed green energy development, India and the US have organized a task group under the Strategic Clean Energy Partnership (SCEP).

Preliminary Exam Hot-Link:

  • Green Hydrogen is a renewable energy source; what method is utilized to produce it
  • The Hydrogen Energy Mission is all about hydrogen energy.
  • Applications.
  • Benefits.

Source : Economic Times.

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