Aarogya Setu app promoting a few e-pharmacies

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  • The Aarogya Setu app had been devised, according to the government, as a COVID-19 surveillance-cum-mapping app for the general populace.
  • The app has a dialogue box that pops up informing the user that it is leading out of the app, and then to a link to four e-pharma outlets.
  • Aarogya Setu (literally, bridge for freeness from disease) is Indian COVID-19 tracking mobile application developed by the National Informatics Centre and that comes under the government Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.
  • The stated purpose of this app is to spread awareness of COVID-19 and to connect essential COVID-19 - related health services to the people of India.
  • This app augments the initiatives of the Department of Health to contain COVID-19 and shares best practices and advisories.
  • It is a tracking app which uses the smartphone's GPS and Bluetooth features to track the coronavirus infection.
  • The app is available for Android and iOS mobile operating systems.
  • With Bluetooth, it tries to determine the risk if one has been near (within six feet of) a COVID-19 - infected person, by scanning through a database of known cases across India.
  • Using location information, it determines whether the location one is in belongs to one of the infected areas based on the data available.
  • This app is an updated version of an earlier app called Corona Kavach (now discontinued) which was released earlier by the Government of India.
  • Aarogya Setu has four sections:
  1. Your Status (tells the risk of getting COVID-19 for the user)
  2. Self Assess (lets the user know the risk of being infected)
  3. COVID-19 Update (gives updates on local and national COVID-19 cases) and
  4. E-pass (yet to be operationalized).
  • Tells how many Covid 19 positive cases are likely in a radius of 500m, 1km, 2km, 5km and 10km from the user.
  • The app is built on a platform that can provide an Application Programming Interface (API) so that other computer programs, mobile applications and web services can make use of the features and data available in Aarogya setu.
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