30 seconds COVID-19 test 

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Ambassador of Israel to India visited Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, the trial site for 30-second COVID-19 tests, a joint venture between India and Israel. 

About the venture  

  • The rapid testing is being jointly developed in cooperation with the Defense Research and Development Directorate of the Israeli Ministry of Defence, India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research and Principal Scientific Advisor, India — coordinated by the ministries of foreign affairs of Israel and India. 

How does it work? 

  • These non-invasive technologies include a voice test that uses artificial intelligence to identify changes in the patient’s voice, a breath analyser test that requires the patient to blow into a tube and detects the virus using terra-hertz waves, isothermal testing that enables identification of the virus in a saliva sample, and a test using polyamino acids that seeks to isolate proteins related to COVID-19. 
  • These trials are being conducted on a large sample of patients in India. If the results validate the effectiveness of the tests, they will be mass manufactured in India and marketed to the world by Israel and India jointly. 
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