170 districts identified as hotspots: Health Ministry

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207 districts have been classified as ‘potential hotspots’

  • The government said it had classified every district into a hotspot, potential hotspot or a green zone. Of India’s 736 districts, 170 were ‘hotspots’, defined as places with at least 15 confirmed infections or where there was an exponential rise in cases, there were 207 ‘potential hotspots.
  • There were 11,439 confirmed cases and 377 deaths. A total of 1,306 people have been been discharged after recovery.
  • Details of these districts were not shared but in all of these places —potential or not — testing would be ramped up to include checking even those who displayed ‘influenza-like illnesses’ and breathlessness.
  • The total number of cases rose to 12,380, of which 10,566 were active ones. While 422 people have died of the disease, 1,392 have recovered.
  • Special teams had been set up to trace all contacts and to conduct house-to-house surveys. These teams will include health staff, local revenue staff, corporation staff, Red Cross and volunteer groups who have undergone an online training course.
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