Spacecom Policy Draft 2020

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The Department of Space after deciding to open the space sector for private firms has now proposed to enable the private Indian companies to not just use the existing space assets for communication services but also launch satellites, develop new systems as well as sell services to foreign customers under Space-Based Communication Policy of India- Spacecom Policy-2020.

  • According to the Spacecom policy draft, which will replace the existing Satcom Policy, the private Indian firms will be allowed to set up control centres outside India and use overseas space assets. 
  • The major change will be to encourage the private sector and renew focus on enhancing the capabilities of national security.


How does the Spacecom policy draft proposes to enhance the private sector’s role?

  • According to the prepared draft, the private firms will be able to establish tracking and command earth stations and satellite control centres in or outside India.
  • The companies will be able to offer the capacity to commercial and societal communications within the country as well as outside, they can also supply their systems and solutions to the International market.
  • Indian firms will be able to avail of Indian and non-Indian orbital resources in order to establish systems for services within and outside the country.
  • Firms will also be able to avail of Indian resources from the designated entities under DoS on a commercial basis. While foreign resources can be used following the new norms.
  • The draft also adds that the satellite communication systems which can’t be in an open to all commercial domain will be brought into operation with the government’s involvement for sustainability.
  • No changes in societal development programmes in Spacecom Policy-2020
  • The new Spacecom Policy will have everything that Satcom policy has in terms of the creation of new assets, protection of assets, monitoring, and operation.
  • The draft explains that Satcom programmes that are focused on societal development- social empowerment, tribal development, education, health, and disaster management- will still remain under the domain of the Department of Space.


About Spacecom Policy-2020:

  • As per K Sivan, Secretary, Department of Space, the policy envisions measures to authorize and monitor space assets for communication to or from Indian territory. It further lists steps to bring more assets under India’s control in order to use space-based communication for national needs.
  • He further added that soon the department will also have specific policies on navigation, launch vehicles, space exploration, remote sensing, and human spaceflight. This will propel India to the next level.


About Satcom Policy:

  • The Satellite Communication Policy (SATCOM) was framed in 1997 by the Department of Space in partnership with the Telecommunications Department and Department of Science and Technology.
  • The policy was framed to develop a strong satellite communication service industry in India. As the policy did not specify the manner in which it can be implemented, the Department of Space formulated the guidelines, norms, and procedures for implementing the framework of Satcom policy.
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