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Andhra Assembly passes Bill for three state capitals

AP state Assembly during special session passed the AP Decentralisation and Equal Development of All Regions Act, 2020. The Act paves the way to set up three state capitals.

Legislative capital - Amaravati

Executive capital - Visakhapatnam

Judicial capital - Kurnool

Why the government wants three capitals

  • The AP government says it wants to ensure equal and balanced development, instead of concentrating on just once place, and thereby develop three state capitals
  • Also the government wants to introduce zonal development by dividing the state into four zones, each with three or four districts to ensure balanced development.
  • Zonal development boards will be set up to recommend and accelerate growth and development, the government maintains.

Telling Numbers: The gulf between rich and poor, men and women, globally

The Oxfam's report " Time to Care: Unpaid and Underpaid Care Work and the Global Inequality Crisis" said that India’s richest 1% hold more than four times the wealth held by the 953 million who make up for the bottom 70% of the country’s population.






Explained: What is Xenobot?

Scientists in the United States have named the millimetre-wide robots “xenobots” — after the species of aquatic frog found across sub-Saharan Africa from Nigeria and Sudan to South Africa, Xenopus laevis.

Scientists have repurposed living cells scraped from frog embryos and assembled them into entirely new life-forms.

The xenobots can move toward a target, perhaps pick up a payload like a medicine that needs to be carried to a specific place inside a patient.

Xenobots are capable of healing themselves after being cut.


These can be used where human entry is difficult or fatal, like searching out nasty compounds or radioactive contamination, gathering microplastic in the oceans, travelling in arteries to scrape out plaque.

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